20th anniversary of Gabriele Allendorf - light identity

Founded in 1997, Gabriele Allendorf - Light Identity is planning light for more than 20 years. Gabriele Allendorf and her team took a view back on an eventful and inspiring time. On the 25th of March 2017, the bureau had a festive celebration with business partners and friends. While having interesting conversations with the guests, John Brunton and Paul Brändle contributed to a cheerful atmosphere with their lovely musical interlude. The catering was provided by the friendly team of Barbara Holzherr which ensured culinary highlights.

At about 11 o'clock, Gabriele Allendorf welcomed the guests and spoke about her personal connection to light and the joy with which she has been pursuing her profession for so many years.
Later on Herbert Woyke read some passages from the recently completed book by Gabriele Allendorf about the last 20 years of Light Identity. An exciting portfolio of a big variety of projects, as well as some travel sketches and personal anecdotes can be found in the book. Gracefully designed and handcrafted, this book is a highlight after 20 years of planning light.

Gabriele Allendorf and her team would like to say thanks for the numerous visits, the inspiring conversations, the beautiful flowers and the gifts of all of our guests, which have made our 20th anniversary a very special and unforgettable event.