Lindau Congress 2018

At this year´s first `Light and Architecture Congress´ 2018 in the Insellhalle of Lindau, Germany, Lighting Designer Gabriele Allendorf delivered a stimulating, philosophical talk on `identity´ and how lighting can contribute to corporate identity.

Using examples of projects from the portfolio of her lighting design studio `Gabriele Allendorf - Light Identity´, she demonstrated the professional and creative approach of her studio. Using her studio´s completed project for BMW as an example, the designer explained to the audience how a design concept leads to a successful lighting installation by focusing on the identity of a company, a locality or a building.

How did her studio design and construct a lighting installation in the café of BMW´s new facility on the corner of Frankfurter Ring and Lerchenauer Street that embodies its corporate identity?

One associates BMW with concepts such as `driving pleasure´, `motion´ and `dynamics´, amoung others. As a starting point, Gabriele Allendorf used the notion of a wind tunnel in which BMW tests their vehicles and the dynamic play of moving forces which dominant within it. To express these dynamics through light became the ultimate objective of the lighting installation in the Café MO66.

Designer Gabriele Allendorf created the installation, which was based on meticulously built models, by precisely hanging the LED light bulbs so that they conjure up the idea of a wind tunnel and the velocity of a sports car moving through air. The lighting scene is endlessly repeated through the reflection of the hanging bulbs in the windows.

The chosen projects from her portfolio and the design process she employed in them stirred interesting topics of discussion on architecture, light and identity between designers, architects and visitors after the presentation. The quotes, which Gabriele Allendorf, read during her talk also became philosophical topics of discussion - so, for example, the quote from Konrad Paul Liessmann in his article ´Why identity sabotages individuality´:

`What makes a human being a unique individual is the fact that we can experience our own identity in many different facets and intensities.´

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