The sense of smell is the oldest, most complex and most finely tuned sense. Different sensory systems can be involved in the olfactory perception: in addition to odor stimuli, also tactile and chemical stimuli as well as taste stimuli play an active part. The sensory cells of smell are equipped with specific receptors and sit mostly in the nose in vertebrates.

Our goal is a fine nose.
Smells and fragrances are always emotionally charged, we might find them appealing or repellent, soothing or invigorating. They help us find each other or avoid each other. Learn more about fragrance and well-being, develop the choreography of social interaction in your company and in interaction with your customer base. Take it as a fact that getting along with someone is the prerequisite for teamwork and partnership, which is nicely summarized in the German proverb »to like to smell somebody«.

Fragrances are the feelings of flowers.
Heinrich Heine