freizeitbad, braunschweig (leisure pool)

The wavelike movements of the architecture and landscape concept leads trough the building. Light lines and light meanders emphasize the idea of the „flowing landscape“.
Within the different areas of the leisure pool the light motif harmonizes with the situation: besides lighting coves and lighting haunches, there are light paravents and light furniture resurrecting the „wave“ as the theme, but still having a certain focus.
For example light paravents and light furniture are aiming for the creation of an intimate atmosphere within the wellness area. The bunch of lights at the swimming pond determine a certain depth of the site with their moving reflections on the water.
The continuing light meanders in the landscape melts the inner with the outer pool landscape.


Stadtbad Braunschweig Sport- und Freizeit GmbH


KSP Architekten, Braunschweig

planning horizon and realisation:

since 11/2006