schäfflerhof, münchen

With the reconstruction of the Schäfflerhof we redesigned the patio with unified and valorizing light elements. The access area is being visually broadened and emphasized by the illumination of the reveals and the neon sign of Remy Zaugg. The arcade structure of the façade now is visually apparent from afar and also at night. Floor integrated spots alongside the façade point out the haptic quality of the fairfaced brickwork and create a more intimate light mood. The uniform displays on the outside and the flat metal displays inside the passage contain the colourful logos of the shops and invite passing people to come in rambling. The Maffeibridge provides the urban connection to the city centre and has been flat spotted in cooperation with the municipality. Another eyecatcher is the Schäffler figure that is being accentuated by spotlight.


HypoVereinsbank, München

planning horizon and realisation:

05/2001 - 03/2002