pariser höfe - stuttgart

The Parisian Courtyards are a recently finished apartment and office complex in the new European Quarter of Stuttgart. With the objective of drawing attention to the entrance area, Gabriele Allendorf light identity used movement and light.
Shaped like a bubble blown by the wind into the courtyard, the body of the light steles appear. A slim luminated and rotating rectangle guides the pedestrian into the courtyard to the main entrance. All luminaries of this line move like mobiles in the wind. They create an interplay of light and shadow and stimulate the visitor to follow up actively on the light.
The high arcades at the front of the office complex are illuminated by modern chandeliers. Minimalist design and a professional lighting creates a lamp that reflects the form of the light steles from the courtyard and interprets the classic chandelier theme in a modern way.
The rectangular theme continues in the foyer of the building.
The steles and chandeliers as well as the lamps in the foyer have been specially designed for the project „Parisian Courtyards“ by Gabriele Allendorf and therewith create a unique identity of the ensemble – a Light Identity.


Reiß & Co. Real Estate München GmbH


Maier Neuberger Architekten (residential building) und KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten (office building)

planning horizon and realisation:



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