We are ABC award winner 2021 – The world of mobility

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We are very happy to announce our prize at the Automotive Brand Contest 2021 in the category »Transportation – Camping Vehicles«. We convinced the Design Council with our comprehensive lighting concept for the »Pulse« Camping Vehicle by Dethleffs.

After two years of intensive teamwork with Dethleffs, we completed a custom-made light concept for the »Pulse«. The concept supports a sense of well-being and regeneration during travels. Similar to yacht designs, we gave a lot of thought to the whole room and developed a light-person-room concept.

light moments:
For thousands of years sunlight has been giving strength and vitality to our everday lives. It is the best example for our comprehensive light composition in caravans like the »Pulse«. From the chilly diffuse skylight before sunrise, the specific direct light throughout the day, to the warm and cozy light during the sunset, the sun is responsible for our biological rhythm. Constant sleep and wake cycles are of great meaning for our vitality. They are key elements for our health, our positive awareness of life and our enjoyment of interaction.
Our sunlight contains the entire spectrum of wavelengths, visible to the human eye, and provides us with perfect colour reproduction.

The comprehensive lighting concept with three indirect lighting layers including ceiling, walls and floor gives us the impression of one spacious room. The specific direct light in the kitchen, dining room and the bathroom provides us with ideal conditions to cook, work and relax. The elevated light level contributes to a feeling of security and comfort. The luminance between the »active« areas and the surroundings is homogenous. Light quality means quality of living and positive communication.

With our 4-layers light concept we integrate the best possible light, inspired by nature, to support families in their vitality and quality of living.



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